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Audio Production & Voice-Overs

Recording studio Baltic Voice offers all kinds of audio recording services from initial ideas to full realization. Our experience in audio recording and production lets us offer you the best services for a reasonable price for recordings for broadcast, radio, the Internet, film, audio books and more. We always try to exceed our customer’s expectations. Maybe it is the reason why most of our clients have stayed with us for years.

We like challenges, that is why we create not only simple radio commercials, but also the full spectrum of sound identity (melody, slogan, jingle). Working with a wide range of diverse clients – major corporations, advertising agencies, music artists, individuals, composers – we are always ready to help, and if there are any questions, we will be happy to consult with you from beginning to end.


Voices, pleasant to your ears

Baltic Voice offers services from high quality, original, voice-over artists. Our voice talent is a key priority and we ensure that the costs are economical for your budget. We constantly add to our voice-over talent, search for new artists and expand the spectrum of foreign languages offered. Our voice artists are always ready to adapt to your requests.

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